Mahla Filmes Lda, was created in 2009 by Mickey Fonseca and Pipas Forjaz. We started by producing our own short film “Mahla”, which was funded in part by a grant from the Gothe Institute and also by Amocine (Mozambican Filmmakers Association) but mostly by our own personal funds. This film was nominated for Best African Short Film in 2010. Our first commissioned work was for a film called “Traidos pela Traição” for a South African based company and associated with Mozambican based Nweti.

Then came a 4 short film project with Nweti. This was our larges project, we produced our most prized short film “DIna”, as well as “Lobolo”, “As cartas” and “Venenos do Amor”. These 4 films have traveled the globe representing Mozambique, and wining prizes at many film festivals around the world. “Dina” won Best African Short Film in 2011, among many other prizes in Africa and Europe.

Lately we have worked mostly on commercials and industrials, for clients such as Johns Hopkins University, Ogilvy Moçambique, Brandia Central, USaid, Maputo Port Authority, Discovery Channel among many others.

We have also co-produced a Swedish film called “Sean Banan inuti Senafrika” and serviced a film called “Diana” directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, and staring Naomi Watts and produced by Ecosse Films.

Our passion and main goal is to make movies, and we are currently in deep post production of our first self financed feature film called “Resgate”. You can check it out on Facebook using the following link,

Resgate should be ready before the end of the year…..

You can also check out some of our work on Vimeo, here is a link to a commercial we serviced for Moxi, for Nandos,

We also have a YouTube page, and the link is